In honour of Anzac Day…

…I baked some Anzac biscuits. This first lot are the sugar-free variety. Yes, I know that you can’t make Anzac biscuits without sugar. I had a friend helping me. She was meant to mix the dry ingredients. She forgot the sugar. It’s all her fault. (She is pregnant and her due date is today, so I suppose I can forgive her for having other things on her mind…)

This is the second batch. These have sugar in them. They’re soft and sweet and taste just as they should. And they look as they should as well, not like the crumbly rocks above.

I celebrated Anzac Day (can you actually celebrate Anzac Day?) by going for a long run in the morning. I would have gone to a dawn service, but it was – you know – AT DAWN. My run started at about 7:00 am. Dawn was around 5:00 am. That’s two sleeping hours there. I did watch some of the parades on TV. And I made said biscuits. So I feel I have marked the occasion well enough. For a person who couldn’t get their lazy ass out of bed to go to the dawn service.


7 thoughts on “In honour of Anzac Day…

  1. Oh yes, we can buy Anzac biscuits in UK supermarkets all year round, with some of proceeds going to the Red Cross in Oz and NZ. Very nice!

  2. I’ve never heard of Anzac day either. Those biscuits do look good, but that may also be because I am trying to eat right and lose some weight, so anything looks good to me!

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