I’ve just come back from Ayr. Again. Anyone would think I love that place and am always eager to go down there. Wrong. I drove down there during the day – pretty uneventful. Coming back at night, I saw:

  • one dingo
  • two kangaroos
  • fifty seven million cane toads.

Trust me, I do not exaggerate. I counted every last one of them……..


8 thoughts on “animals

  1. Hi Tanya, it was nice to see a new name and face over at my blog..*VBS* Thanks for stopping by..had to pop over and see where you were. Really love the name..*G* Something I never would have thought of..LOL.
    I read a little and will be back to check out that Thursday Thirteen abit more closely.

    For years and years and years(until about 1997) I hand quilted EVERYTHING ! I didn’t love piecing, I loved quilting!! And then the first eye surgery to replace the left cornea, and a year later another to replace the right cornea, followed by a catarac on the left eye(nasty thing) and then 3 retina detachments in the left eye in 3 months. The outcome was i only see the big E now with the left, and see about 20/40 with the right eye. Which does all the work..poor thing.
    Rather than quilt quilting I began doing the3 utility quilting with the4 bigger needle and perle cotton..which I love the look of, especially on flannel.
    Only recently(with about 30 unquiltd tops on hangers) have broken down and begun to send some out for long arming. I can do a little of the fine hand quilting I used to do, but it really tires my good eye. I don’t think it’s so bad to get some of them done and into use..if you can affort the $$$. Sincer I’m 65 and retired now, I worked out kind of a schedule for sending and paying..*VBS* Two done so far this year, now I will wait a month or two. Hope this helps…so nice to meet you..*S*

  2. Thanks for stopping in at my blog, on the other side of the world…small world, isn’t it? (with the use of computers)

    I like your sense of humor…and I will be back to read some more & to visit.

    I was surprised to see that my friend “Finn” has already been here and I read her comment. Which indeed Finn, could have been a post of your own.(chuckle chuckle)

  3. Such a pity the trip wasn’t longer – you could have really had some counting practice!

    On a trip one night from Ballarat to Caramut, during a mouse plague, I counted 594 mice running across the road (now that’s a TRUE number, not one of yours).

    Do the cane toads make driving hazardous, eg. slippery road?

  4. Alice – The toads are usually stunned by the headlights – like a deer or a kangaroo, but neither as cute or as dangerous. Some people swerve in an effort to squash the toads (their own fruitless crusade to bring down the population), but if I hit them it’s by accident. And there is a very noticeable thud as you drive over them.

    If the 57,000,000 toads were really close together, I’m sure they’d be problematic. Sort of like the raining frogs in the film “Magnolia”.

  5. Why do people seem to think I’m making the number of cane toads up? It’s true. Me, I don’t exaggerate. Not ever. I never tell a lie either.

    Okay, would about twenty sound more believable. Coz I’ll say that’s how many I saw, even though it really, truly was fifty seven million, no more no less.

    Am off now to take a quick look in the mirror. My nose is feeling a little itchy. Just want to make sure it’s not getting any bigger.

  6. I trust you implicitly Tanya and believe the 57,000,000. I also used to believe Kylie when she said she’d come straight home when she first started driving and using our car.
    I’m very gullible….

  7. Yikes! I thought for a while there the cane toad population was dropping but last time I visited my parents in Qld they seemed to be back with a vengance. When I was about five I used to hang around our dam playing with the tiny little baby toads …. until my parents found out and practically scrubbed my entire body and made a new rule about toads as playthings. Ah, childhood memories 🙂

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