Here ’tis

Okay, so a crappy picture, but I wanted to fill in the blank from the previous post. And, because it has been raining all day and all night for the past three days, as soon as I took the lens cap off my camera, the lens fogged up. So consider it a “softened” picture – like they used to do to aging tv stars before botox became their best buddy.

I did go for a long drive today. All around the industrial part of town looking for the motor registry. My boss had said that it was near the brothels. I didn’t stop to question why he would think I knew where the brothels in Townsville were. I still don’t know, but I do know where the motor registry is. And, probably like every town in every country all over the planet, I now know to get there early to save yourself hours of waiting. That, or take a good book.

They gave me the plates, with holes already punched into them. As one would expect, they were in the wrong place and didn’t match up with the screws in the car. So I re-drilled the holes, though hadn’t lined them up too well, so drilled in the wrong place. I don’t really want to go back and ask for another number plate! So I gave up and just shut the garage door. I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

I did go for a long drive, though. I picked up a friend and we headed north. Stupid, stupid decision. North Queensland should be known to one and all (or at least those that live there) for it’s bad roads. As soon as there is a couple of days rain, the Bruce Highway, the road that connects Townsville to Cairns and Port Douglas and the tablelands and all other places north of Townsville, floods. And this is the wet season. WET. You’d think the government would do something about that (the roads, not the wet season). But no. So we headed north (again, stupid us) and ended up sharing a single lane with traffic coming the other way. It was their lane that was flooded and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all for giving me right of way and not crashing into my new car. I turned around and headed back to town once it started raining so hard I couldn’t see. Okay, Mum. I could see a bit. We stopped at the pub and had a beer (light!!) then returned to town (detouring around the flooded road).

I’m slowly coming down off my cloud, but still think of all the wonderful things I can do, now that I have wheels. Not only can I go shopping and buy bulky items (more than what will fit on my bicycle handlebars), but I can go to the rainforests and the desert and see shows that are out of town and I can visit more patchwork shops now. Oh, I am sad!! Posted by Picasa


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