just one more day…..

I have to walk to work tomorrow. That sucks. Though it is only about a half hour walk (and I need the exercise), it still sucks. However, the reason that I have to walk to work is that I’ll be driving home. In my new (second hand) car. That does not suck. I found my Focus (see pic in previous post) at a government auction. Here, virtually all cars are leased to the government for 2-3 years before they’re sold on. This car is a 2003 model with 16,oookm on the clock. Which, to me, is nothing. It was used by the Health Department, so has probably just been driven around town. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it (but my mechanical skills aren’t anything to blog about). I was umming and ahhing about it, and anxious that I would be outbid at the auction. So I arranged to pay the reserve price now (well, tomorrow, when the bank gives me the cheque) and secure the car. And by buying at auction, I’ll save $2500 compared to if I were to buy the car I test drove yesterday. And my car is prettier than that one – the colour is the most important issue. It’s called Vitro (don’t worry, I will post a pic once it’s MINE). Do I sound excited?? I had to speak to a person in the Trustees Office this afternoon, and she told me that at least ten people had phoned her about the car. So I was lucky I got in first. Grin.

The timing of purchasing a car really couldn’t be better because….
Bring on the rain! We’ve had thunderstorms for two nights and downpours in the afternoons. Today I was stuck at the auction site (a tin shed) when the heavy rain started and wouldn’t let up. But I don’t think anybody minds it. I hope it stays for a few months more. Because now I won’t have to cycle in bad weather. Yay!!


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