Guess what arrived in the mail…

No, not a sunbird!! My new toy!! And to show it off, here is the fifth photo taken from THE NEW CAMERA!!! But it’s the first I’ve uploaded to the blog. The sunbird (slightly bigger than a hummingbird) here seems to be appreciating my hedgetrimming near the front door (I’m glad something does, because I’m sure no human ever would). I think he and his mate are scoping out new nesting sites. I hope so, anyway. They’re so much nicer than the noisy, ugly and very invasive Indian mynah birds that are taking over the tropics. Okay, I did crop the picture a little – the joy of the digital age….

I received the camera today at work (yay, eBay didn’t screw me around!!) and then left work early – I wasn’t doing anything productive and I just wanted to go home and play with the new toy. Ah, bloggers beware: there’ll be so much more on this site (until I get bored with it, that is).


2 thoughts on “Guess what arrived in the mail…

  1. Like your sister, I can’t wait to see my ‘purple giraffe’s’ photos of home, work, garden, quilts, self, surroundings. Go on, Tanya, make us really envious.

    So glad your camera arrived in such good time. I hope it turns out to be even better than you hoped it would be.

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