Michelle, don’t look!!

The unfinished works. The top picture is a quilt I am making for my sister. It’s hard to judge how big this is (it’s king size at the moment). Michelle, if you want changes to it, tell me now.

The second quilt is one I started making for a friends baby. She doesn’t know what sex it is (so clearly it hasn’t been born yet!!), so I started making it unisex – but it looks pretty girly now. I think I’ll make her a different one (I have until April to get it done) – in mauves, lemons and limes, I think. And really babyish fabrics – elephants and giraffes or something. Purple giraffes…? But I’ll get this one done first. The green striped fabric underneath is what will be the backing fabric. It’s been taped to the floor for two days, ready for basting. I’m just not bored enough to actually do that right now.


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