Pest free… for now

It’s been almost a week and no more snakes. That I’ve seen. I have no idea how long the last snake was visiting and I have no idea how many more there may be lurking in the corners. As long as we never meet, I’m sure we can live together quite comfortably. A couple of years ago a friend found a snake skin in her garage. It was about three metres long. And as snakes shed their skins when they’re growing, my friend had no idea what size it was up to when she found the skin. Scarier, she had no idea where the snake was – whether it was still living in the garage. Actually, now that I think of it, I lived in that house for a short while (before anyone was aware of the slithery tenant). Maybe it’s me… maybe I attract the snakes. Anyway.

The council have organised a pre-cyclone clean up of the whole town. Anything that (usually) resides in the back yard and could become a potential missile in a cyclone could be put by the road and the council would come by to collect it free of charge. Everyone in our area took this opportunity to get rid of their broken washing machines. Without a word of exaggeration (would I ever?), every street that I cycle past now has either a washing machine or fridge or microwave – or several – in it. Because the council decided that they didn’t want to collect white goods. I sincerely have never seen so many washing machines in my life. Shame you can’t do anything with them when they’re broken. I cycled around the neighbourhood looking for treasures that people were discarding, but there was nothing. Well, the great things that I saw and told myself I would come back for (several chairs, bookcases, small tables) were always gone by the time I came back. I’m sure there is a lesson there. The rest of town will be “de-missiled” next weekend, so there is still hope of scavenging something worthwhile… fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “Pest free… for now

  1. Are cylones forecast or is this a precautionary measure. Let’s hope those washing machines don’t become missiles.

    Glad you have had no more slippery green visitors. Worse than looking for huntsmen on the deck!

  2. It is strange some of the things people put by the roadside, waiting for garbage pickup….around here we have regulars that go around and look for something they can resell, or recycle….I love to look for treasures though, no matter where it might be….roadside, or flea market….

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